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Study In Usa With Scholarship

Jessie Said:

I want to study in USA with scholarship.?

We Answered:

Which field do you want to do your masters in and which university do you wish to study in? You need to know what you want to do well before you decide where you want to do it. Change your ambition from "I want to go to the US" to "I want to become a ---------- and ---------- university is known for it or would provide me good scholarship."

Once you know what you want to do, find out which universities run courses in that field, you can use,, etc. Contact the universities you are interested in or browse their website to find out how they can help you. Most US universities will not provide 100% scholarship but will have various GA / TA opportunities where the tuition would be paid and some amount paid for your living. Please understand that there are no free meals. You will have to work hard even with a GA assistantship. You will have to be ready to spend a bit for your living and other basic expenses like food, clothing, books, etc. Also, remember that it costs about Rs. 70,000 just for your flight ticket.

I am not sure of your financial situation, but lately I see a lot of people who are not able to judge and take the right step in accordance with their situation. I known better standard of living is really attractive, but what you have in India is not bad. If you cannot afford to go abroad don't force your parents to assist you, it's totally worthless!

Russell Said:

I wonder if I can study in a free university in USA with an adequet scholarship for master degree?

We Answered:

It's a great source of scholarships and grants.
I hope it will you to find out some scholarships in the USA.

Gertrude Said:

What is sat exam? If i scored good in this exam , am i get full scholarship to study in usa.?

We Answered:

scholarship applicable for USA citizens

Joe Said:

How can I get a free scholarship to study for Masters Degree in Corporate Law and Finance tenable in USA or UK

We Answered:

that exactly my problem but I want scholarship for PhD and in Field of sport management,
but I think u can get the financial aid from the organization which u are working for or the organization which you are planing to work for

Andrea Said:

Iam egyptian in grade 11 want 2 study medicine in usa or europe with a full scholarship is that possible?

We Answered:

Of course possible. But, it depends on your total grade on your last year and the college's requirements.

Nellie Said:

i am a student from bangladesh.i intend to study in usa with partial or full scholarship.i got 6.5 in IELTS.?

We Answered:

You will not get a scholarship based solely upon your score on an English proficiency examination.

You will need to find other sources of funding and take the SAT I examination.

Seth Said:

I live in the philippines,how can i study and enroll on any college university in USA with a full scholarshp

We Answered:

Many universities offer funds. Also try scholarship websites.

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Moogii said:

hi. I'm from Mongolia. i graduated from university as English teacher last year. so i want to study in Master degree with full scholarship. Is it possible? What should i do?