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Esther Said:

Help me choose which name is best! (+ a fun name game)?

We Answered:

Ava - this name is a little too common for me. But it's a beautiful name. Ava Alexis, Ava Olivia. These names are simple enough to flow well with Ava.

Adalynn - I love this. It's very very pretty. Adalynn Jane, Adalynn Scarlett.

Jocelyn - this is my FAVORITE name. It's so so pretty! Jocelyn Grace, Jocelyn Dakota.

Madeline - my second favorite name. Madeline Naveah, Madeline Lauren.

----Name Game.

1. Dakota Drake Hamilton.
2. Panama City Beach.
3. Lawyer.
4. Doctor.
5. Kaylyn Grace & Jocelyn Gabrielle.[email protected]
6. Bentley Chase.…
7. Silver.
8. Girls -Allie Hannah, Bailley Jade. Boys- Connor Aiden, Dillon Chance.…
9. Alan Jason
10.Alana Jacie…

Kaylyn grows up to be a lawyer, just like her mommy.
Jocelyn grows up to be a successful model.
Bentley grows up to be a registered nurse.
Allie grows up to be a therapist.
Bailey works as a clerk at her sister, Allie's, office.
Connor is a musician still trying to get started.
Dillon now goes by Chance, he is a coal miner in Kentucky.
Alan is a real estate agent.
Alana decides to go into the medical field as a surgeon.

That was fun!

Gloria Said:

I have everything planned out to moved to Japan, but all I need to start everything off is family cooperation?

We Answered:

If you're biological father is dieing I believe it should be your choice whether you pursue contacting him or not. You may regret not doing so.. but if your mom is hellbent against allowing you doing so - you may try sharing your feelings with her - after all she is your legal guardian.

You may not be able to convince them to allow you to go to school now. That doesn't mean that you can't continue to learn. Value the time that you have now to practice your hobbies (such as the cooking, baseball, etc.) When you begin school it may become difficult to find the time and energy to devote to them.

Not being able to talk to your parents because they are busy can be a universal thing. I have been blessed with my parents, but know so many people who are unable to get quality one on one time. Since your parents passion seems to be music, why not ask if all of you could get together and play every once in awhile. If she plays a different instrument than you - or even a different style, ask if she would mind giving you some pointers and help you learn a song. It may not be much personal chatting, but it may be a step.

Tell your moms reasons that you learning to drive could benefit her. Maybe you could pick up groceries for her after you become experienced and can get a liscense?

It seems to me they are not too eager to help you leave. You're their kid. Could they possibly want to hold on to you ? Afterall at some point you'll be leaving in the future.. and I doubt you would return to your home for quite awhile? This is time they can't get back.

Priscilla Said:

stephon marburys life.?

We Answered:

Why rant and rave about such an underachieving point guard on a less than mediocre team? Great what he did with selling his shoe at a very cheap price so blacks in the inner city could afford him, but thats the only good thing he's done for basketball (to help others and not just himself)

Everett Said:

House A or House B? Which should I buy?

We Answered:

house B, it seems nicer

Dwight Said:

stupid quotes funny?

We Answered:

Ha, I love this stuff and it's everywhere...
to share...
"It wasn't lying, just being economical with the truth: British civil servant", Spycatcher book censorship case.
"Daft as a brush? I'm daft, but I'm not daft as a brush!" Paul Gascoigne

Violet Said:

Help in deciding which house to buy?

We Answered:

when life boils down to two choices; here is how I decide;

which choice will not ever make me think, later
damn, wrong deal.

the right choice will put a kick in your step
the right choice will cause you to grin like you
just stole a cookie and got away with it

the wrong choice will press at you like a sliver.

why not rent out both homes for 2 weeks!

i bet the owners would not mind

balconies and swim pools are for me!

[what is your occupation?]

Discuss It! said:

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