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Study Island Games

Casey Said:

those who've read the hunger games: the plots of the hunger games and battle royale seem familliar?

We Answered:

They do sound sort of similar in teh way that they are being controlled and forced to fight to the death except I've never heard of the battle royale before.

Jerome Said:

how do i get to games on study island?

We Answered:

like vedio games
then go to
and watch the youtube vedio on how to do it
just type in "pirate bay" on youtube and look for a tutorial

Cecil Said:

Adventure Game On An Island??

We Answered:

If my memory is correct, it's either Monkey Island 2 or Myst 1 maybe :)

Tiffany Said:

When did these states become states?

We Answered:

Maryland became a state in July 4th, 1776. North Carolina became a state on July 4th, 1776, South Carolina became a state July 4th, 1776, Pennsylvania became a state July 4th, 1776, New Hampshire became a state July 4th, 1776, New York became a state July 4th 1776, Delaware became a state July 4th, 1776, Rhode Island became a state July 4th 1776. Connecticut became a state July 4th 1776. July 4th, 1776, New Jersey became a state July 4th, 1776. Massachusetts became a state July 4th, 1776. All of the above states ratified their constitution on July 4th, 1776.however their admission into the United States varied as follows. Maryland = Monday, April 28, 1788, North Carolina = Saturday, November 21, 1789, South Carolina = Friday, May 23, 1789. Pennsylvania = Wednesday Dec. 12, 1787, New Hampshire = Sunday, June 21, 1788, New York = Saturday, July 26, 1788, Delaware = Friday, Dec 07, 1787, Rhode Island = Saturday, May 29, 1790, Connecticut = Wednesday, Jan. 09, 1788, New Jersey = Tuesday, December 18, 1787, Massachusetts = Wednesday, Feb. 06, 1788.

Jorge Said:

Can Miss Teen Contest organizers get adaptation of "Around the World in 80 Days" by Mark Brown?

We Answered:

One of the board games is from Kosmos, and maybe Toys-R-Us can get it. But I got a good idea (2nd one below) right here on YA for updating that game: Following in Jules Verne's footsteps, players (in one board game adaptation) wager on their ability to travel around the world in 80 days. Whoever makes it back to London with the greatest number of days left in his time bank is the winner. Two suggestions for an update:

1. Use of high-speed trains and high-speed ferries could make it Around the World in 8 Days, or just 18 days with still time to stop and talk to the locals.

2. The tunnel under the English Channel would be easily replicated by adding a dual train route to the travel options from England. Keep in mind that this will allow the potential for reduced travel time (by playing two identical train cards). If it becomes broken, you may need to rule that the reduction does not apply for the Chunnel Route. As for a Bering Tunnel (Yokohama to San Francisco), the best solution would seem to be a 3 train route (allowing for travel time reduction for 2 cards only). Maybe 2 train, 1 ship (train to Russia, train under the tunnel, boat to San Francisco)? By implementing these additions, you will make train travel cards considerably more valuable and desirable. That will have an impact on play strategy.
Maybe a YouTube person can take this on?

Erik Said:

where to find a place to study games programming in DUCK ISLAND Seattle?

We Answered:

go to 0'' ahead.

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