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Study Island Math

Sherri Said:

Did your high school make you do Study Island?

We Answered:

yeah when i was in 5th, 6th and 7th grade...HATED it, it was SOOO GAY!

we had reading and language arts too, and we would get graded on it too! not fair!

and we had a date by which we had to finish every single one of the topics.

Roberto Said:

Math Help> Study Island Question?

We Answered:

17 ft/sec x 1yd/3ft x 60sec/1min = 340 yd/min

Alexander Said:

Study Island?!?

We Answered:

Give it time and your brain will catch on. You'll be able to 7th grade when the time is right.

Lillian Said:

What happens if you don't pass study island?

We Answered:

which state r u in? it depends on the school. some take it seriously. it will help u pass geometry. be +ve. its a practising tool which will enhance your skills. so pl try it

Ross Said:

Math help? not homework-- study island?

We Answered:

65(1 - .2)(1.07) = 55.64

Luis Said:

does anyone have a study island account their not using?

We Answered:

dude!! look your screenname is your name (capatilized) with a dot then your last name (capatilized) with a hyphen then your school's name or school's name abbreviated (lowercase) ... like this...


(DRMS are the initials of Del Rio Middle School)

Lol I'm in 8th grade! :) lol

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