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Study Mbbs In Russia

Cecil Said:

i want to study MBBS in russia is it good for me iam in india can i get gov.job here?

We Answered:

I agree that the quality of education especially in medicine is pretty good in Russia. You could study in Russia but would probably not qualify for a government job in India. But, most of all you need to pay attention to this - it seems there is a high level of discrimination and threats to foreign Medical students in Russia. I am saying this because I know a person who has experienced this personally. He was threatened his life if he didn't leave the country, he had to leave the course and return back. He started the course afresh once he returned. There are many other safe places with good quality education for medicine. One of such is Czech Republic and many other European and North African countries. Please do your research on your own to find out more before you make up your mind.

Roberto Said:

i want to study mbbs in abroad countries like china or russia or elsewhere pls help by sending details?

We Answered:

Smolensk State Medical Academy, Smolensk, Russia is the best for Indian students to do MBBS abroad and lot of Indian students are studying there. Indian cooks serve Indian food in hostels. Tuition fee is Rs. 1,45,000 per year and hostel fee is Rs. 7,700 per year, Medical Insurance is Rs. 4,700 per year. Please visit there web site below for more information.

Jorge Said:

i want to study MBBS in usa or in russia IS IT POSSIBLE?

We Answered:

it is possible but it is better to get the basic degree from india and go in for higher studies in usa or russia

Richard Said:

Tell me name of coaching centers in Kolkata for MCI Screening Test ?

We Answered:

It is hard to say anything about this coaching centers in Kolkata. The best is talk to the authority at The Medical Council of India - Kolkata Chapter; they might assist your friend.

Agnes Said:

Hi,2 all my friends,Is it safer to study in russia(MBBS),yet it not have no entrance exam,hw can we trust it?

We Answered:

Russia is much more advance then india in science, engineering and all other technologies .... in other words you are learning from the experts ... so why there is a second thinking .... its always better to do MBBS from home country .... but if you are not getting admission over here ... its always a better idea to do it from overseas ... even if its from pakistan .... remember doctors around the world have same level of education and perform the same anatomy .... you do it from any part of the world at the end of your study you will be definitely a doctor .... one more advantage .... the Russian girls are truly amazing and the most beautiful girls in the world so who cares about the degree getting recognized in india .... see you have so much to gain ... all the best ...

Harold Said:

Hey Guyz ... I want to study MBBS in Russia .?

We Answered:

you have researched absolutely right my frnd...the fees is about 3100 euros per year including fooding n lodgin n books n everything... email me to get more info regardin everything [email protected] can help u out a gr8 deal with everything...i am a 19 yr old student who knows many frnds studying in russia doing MBBS...byee n take care

Herbert Said:

I WANT TO STUDY MBBS IN USA,UK,RUSSIA OR AUSTRALIA. i want to know which one is the best?

We Answered:

Additional to the answers specific to USA and Australia I strongly suggest for you to visit the consulates or high commissions closest to you of all four countries and ask there about study visa and all the legal processes around. As a list of questions you might ask at the consulate or high commission I suggest you start with the following:
* What are the legal requirements for a study visa?
* What is the processing time for a study visa?
* What is the maximum time span covered by a study visa?
* Are extensions possible and how do I get an extension of the study visa?
* What are the fees for the visa and extension?
* Is it possible to work while studying in your country?
* What are the restrictions to working while studying?
* What are other way to finance my studies in your country?
* Are there any public scholarships or exchange programs I could participate in?
* Do you have a list of universities that offer MBBS programs or can you point me to this information?

Feel free to add to this list of questions when asking them :-)
And good luck!

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