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Study Medicine In Australia

Marie Said:

IS it easy for a singaporean to study medicine in australia?

We Answered:

Bs in science subjects shld suffice.
arent u trying NUS?
if adventurous try russia! uk or n ireland

Samantha Said:

Is it possible to study Medicine in Australia at 33 years old?

We Answered:

You're not too old but there's no financial help available for overseas students...You need to be an Australian citizen to get the HECS-Help from the Government which consists in paying uni fees through taxes when you start working full-time.

Arthur Said:

I want to study Medicine in Australia. I'll be starting year 12 this year. What do I do?

We Answered:

You will have to sit whats called a UMAT or a test similar to this, achieve excellent results and sit an interview at universities. To do medicine at Melbourne university you will need to do a BSc or a Bachelor of Biomedicine degree then go on to do a graduate medicine degree as with the melbourne model, melbourne will not allow direct entry into medicine.

Frederick Said:

which country would be better to study medicine, Australia or Mexico.?

We Answered:

you have answered the question for yourself
how will u study at a medical school level in spanish if u can barely hold a conversation? also australia is a more advanced country
go there its probably better

Clinton Said:

are there any scholarships given to study medicine in Australia ?

We Answered:

Why would you want to go to australia if you don't have money?
Have you got too low marks to go to a local uni? If so then you are not fit to become a doctor.
Do your exams better next time instead of hanging here on yahoo answers!!

Ashley Said:

what are the qualification required to study medicine in Australia ?

We Answered:

Hey thats great but your question can be best solved by aceoverseas as they deal with all these issues can simple google them or can even directly go to

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