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Study Medicine In Uk

Penny Said:

To study medicine in UK what work experience is needed?

We Answered:

ask at your local hospital to shadow a doctor, and it would be advisable to get a part-time job at a hospice or care home.

Larry Said:

Which is the best university in the UK to study medicine?

We Answered:

Newcastle or Edinburgh are always in the forefront of research in medicine and have a longstanding reputation of excellance in teaching.

Keith Said:

A Iraqi student wants to study Medicine in UK?

We Answered:

Ok, well I don't understand Iraqi qualifications and so I don't know whether or not you are qualified to go to medical school in the UK. The first thing is that medical school is really hard to get into.

Here is something I can tell you about: UCAS is a system used in the UK to apply to universities. So you register online, fill out your details with space for qualifications, education history, a reference and a personal statement. Then you pick 5 unis and UCAS sends this to the unis.

Harold Said:

i am an egyptian guy , i want to get a scholarship to study medicine in uk or canada can anyone tell me how ?

We Answered:

Everybody who enters medicine in Canada has at least one pre-med science degree....usually a BSc in some aspect of science related to medicine. There is no point in applying for a scholarship in this country unless you have been accepted by a Faculty of Medicine. At the University of Toronto there are about 240 seats for first year medical students....and about 2500 there is a lot of competition to enter. It is pretty much the same in the other universities as well.

Sylvia Said:

Is there any loan for overseas students that want to study medicine in UK?

We Answered:

You may be able to get help or information from the links below.

Link :…
Link :…

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