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Study Russian In Russia

Ruben Said:

I need advice,I would like to go to Russia after school to study Russian?

We Answered:

Well, I think if your parents care about you, they will have no problems for accepting your personal choice. Russia is not another planet, it's just Europe. U don't have to reach the oceans to get there.
Maybe before you tell them about your plans to move from the UK, try to talk with your family about Russia. Tell them that this country fascinates you a lot and listen what they will reply to you (maybe they are secretly being fans of Russia).
Another advice is to try watch with them some old and legendary russian movies like "The Cranes Are Flying" or "The Cruel Romance". Or read russian classical literature masterpieces (by Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, etc) and tell them how much it affect your pesonality and that you are now obsessed with Russia. 8)

Todd Said:

Could you tell me the best university or collage for studying Russian Language in Russia?

We Answered:

Yes, it's difficult to get to MSU because it's one of the first links in Google and people don't want to spend their time looking for other variants.More than that it's the main Russian university but not the only! I've finished MSU several years ago and i think that they have too "old" standards of teaching... I'm afraid it's still there in Soviet Union times...(it's my opinion).
On the other hand now we have some private schools (collages) where people from different countries come to learn and enjoy Russian language and culture! I work for one of them. It's not an ads just i'm really responsible for my advise because i know the sistem from inside. You can choose any place to learn but please welcome with any questions to [email protected]
Believe me, it's so interesting to learn Russian in Moscow! Unreal city for real results!

Clyde Said:

where is the best place in russia to study russian?

We Answered:

If you take a Russian language course at the Moscow University they will provide you with the accommodation either in one of the uni's dorms/room or self-catering accommodation/flat (the choice is up to you.) The link for courses below.

Jeanette Said:


We Answered:

I want to do same thing but in Canada...
I think summer would be cheaper then winter (I took english classes in Moscow and can say that in summer people dont like study, that is why prices were droped)
but ticket for flying cheaper in spring, and the first months of year

So, the best way for you is -
1) to find friend there ( can help you)
2) to rent an apartment,
3) to buy issuance (medical),- ?????????? - would be better
4) ask friend to find a good teacher for you or you can look for they on teachers sites, because to study in special russian school for foreign - will be very expensive. They think that people from abroad have so much money.

on your side I would live in different cities - some months in Kazan, some in Spb, some in Moscow, maybe Rostov - na - Donu

P.S : Sorry for my poor English, and if you need stuff for learning Russian i can send

Sergio Said:

Would studying Russian in Russia affect my chances of getting a security clearance later?

We Answered:

I have no idea what a 'Russian immersion programme' is all about.
However I can tell you this:-
I am a Brit, I was a member of the British communist party, I was also a leading trade unionist within a large UK business.
I had been into politics for quite a few years, I thought the British left wing was not left wing enough, I joined the commies!
I became chairman of my local branch and stood for the local council, I didn't win , but in the meantime I had been arranging exchange visits between Russians and my local group , it was great.
The best night I ever had was at the place I worked, I got about 20 Russian into our local club, it was a sort of sing along. And when the Russians got up on the stage to do a few of their dances squatting down and kicking their legs around it was fantastic!!
However I digress.
Some years after this I applied for and got a job in a nuclear weapons place in the UK , it was around the time when no questions about religion or political leanings were allowed on the application form or during the interview. I got the job and started.
I was a contract worker employed via an agent, not employed directley by this weapons place.
I had been there about 6 months when I noticed two armed security guys standing at my desk, one asked my name, I told him, he said follow me please sir you must leave the premises now!" The other guy got behind me , I said let me clear my desk, they told me they would do that, I must leave now.
I left , I waited as instructed by the main entrance , they brought my gear from my desk, that was it I was out!
Their security check on my history had been completed I was a commie! I have worked for many years in other nuclear plants (not weapons related) with no hassle at all.
Now I know America is not biased towards Russia, in fact I think it would be safe to say they hate any form of socialism, even without having a clue what its all about.
So if its advice you are looking for then steer clear of russia.

Kyle Said:

How is students job in Russia?

We Answered:

No - You would be unable to get a work visa in Russia.

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