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Study Skills Activities

Delores Said:

What is the best dorm for a freshman who is looking to make a 4.0 GPA at Texas Tech University?

We Answered:

Knapp is the best. i stayed there when i was at TTU

Charlene Said:

I procrastinate all the time because my comfort zone is restricted?

We Answered:

just an over view , id say you have two things working against you..... 1 . your lazy now and 2. you go that way because your bored to tears!

first id recommend you get off your butt and find something else to do! So what that means is you need to get to doing something and as you do , set goals you can reach very easy (for confidence) and every day or so raise your standards and your goals of things you have to get done! sounds easy right , well its not! today may be to just get up and get something to eat and by the end of next week it may be to mow the yard , then by the end of the year it may be get the bosses job and look to running your own company!

So start now by making challenges for your self and meeting them every day and from now on! easy at first then as time goes on more and more difficult!

Marsha Said:

What are the best activities and skills for 5-11yr olds and 12-17yr olds???

We Answered:

i think so because for me moving to virginia my junior year sucked because according to the Commonwealth i wouldn't be equipped to graduate until i took a million freakin sol test which i think just undermine all students intelligence because they felt like minimum competency tests and another thing i noticed was that if you are not planning to go to college and further your education than you've wasted a lot of time in high school my school district lacked any kind of vocational skills classes, everything was to prepare you for college. i just thought it's not fully fair. sorry for going off on a tangent just was a little flustered.

Florence Said:

Can i have more details about following topics with relevant pictures, activities regarding pre school?

We Answered:

sorry first of all if you havent taken a child development class you need to start their and if you are in the class shame on you...this is not how you should be doing your work ....this looks like a college syllabus.........???????????you need to go study and hope you will be able to pass your test at this late stage..

Bradley Said:

Has anyone used this study skills guide with their class?

We Answered:

try google

Ruby Said:

What are some good developmentally appropriate activities for 4-5 year old children involving winter?

We Answered:

Math: Learn your numbers by making a number chart. Have children stamp snowflakes according to that number. Example: 1-10 across the top of the paper. 1 snowflake under 1, 2 snowflakes under 2, etc.

Science: Put snow in your sensory table

Art: Fold and cut paper to create snowflakes

Social studies: What are some other ways we celebrate in winter? Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc.

Music: Create streamers and dance to winter songs

Drama: Dress up in warm clothes

Language: What are vocabulary words we can use to describe the weather? Cold, chilly, freezing, etc.

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