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Tabe Test Study Guide

Jamie Said:

i am taking a TABE test to enter pharmacy technician program....i need advice on a study guide, and i need it?

We Answered: this one is a pre test or practice test

Sean Said:

Where can I find help to study for the Tabe Test online?

We Answered:

you should google the following website:…

if you can answer all of the questions on the above practice test, you will definitely pass the test. also, along with this practice test you should go and maybe purchase the Tabe Test Level A study guide booklet. i think it is only about $15 but no more than $20. good luck!

Claude Said:

I am taking a TABE test to enter pharmacy technician program....i need advice on a study guide, and i need it?

We Answered:

I'm not sure what you can do in 36 hours, but the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) is just that: basic education. There is a reading comprehension section that asks you to read several short paragraphs or maybe a map and answer questions about them. There's not a way to quickly review that sort of thing.

There are several other sections (basic science, etc) that they may or may not ask you to take. Again, this isn't something you can successfully review in a short time.

But I would think that they would be interested in your score on the math section. It is basic math, but things that you forget how to do if you don't do them all the time. For example, I always forget how to mulitply and divide fractions, but that's something you can quickly review. Also, converting decimals to fractions, calculating percents, etc. I'd recommend that you go to your local library tomorrow morning and ask the librarian for a math review book for the GED. This is going to be the same type of questions. In fact, it would provide an overview of many of TABE topics. They may even have one for the TABE. If they don't, (hard to believe, but possible) your local bookstore will have one (Borders, Barnes and Noble, etc)

Good luck!

Stephanie Said:

I am taking a TABE test to enter pharmacy technician program....i need advice on a study guide, and i need it?

We Answered:

Im sure If it works but I just want to help you...


Try to visit your local library, there are many test-prep books there...many many test prep...go there and ask your library...borrow for practicing..good luck

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