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University Of London

Lester Said:

How to be admitted at London University?

We Answered:

You will need to apply through UCAS so you will find some useful information in this link.…

Be aware that as an international student your fees will be much higher than that of home students. You will be expected to be able to support yourself financially.

This is the link for Psychology & Philosophy at the University of London. There is some information for international students on this link, from that I would assume you can apply for next year from the 1st September 2010.…

Joe Said:

How far is City University London from the centre of London city?

We Answered:

According to google earth it is 15 minutes away from oxford street, and is 3.2 miles. hope this helps!

Joseph Said:

Which is better for a Distance Learning PhD in English:University of South Africa/American University ,London?

We Answered:

I'm not familiar with American University, London.
I am familiar with the University of South Africa and they have a fine international reputation. I understand that their PhD programs are very demanding and worthwhile.

Pedro Said:

what are the high paying jobs offered to a correspondence in masters from an australian or london university?

We Answered:

you seem to have a good degree in hand,but you need to convert it to a high paying one!!
first of all prepare a good CV!!
try developing good communicative skill and vocabulary!
show plenty of confidence in yourself and at work!!
keep a close watch on various ads on paper/internet
start applying to those that will justify yoru degree!
all the best

Hazel Said:

kings college london university wont come up when i apply for a Nus card?

We Answered:

Not all UK universities are affiliated with the NUS. I presume Kings College is one of these.

I wouldn't worry though. The only places where an NUS card is better than a usual university ID card for getting discounts (which, I presume, is what you want the card for) are places where they stipulate "NUS discount" rather than the more general "student discount". I have yet to come across one of these places in reality.

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