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Teaching The Constitution

Katherine Said:

Are America's law schools destroying the Constitution by teaching loose interpretation of what it means?

We Answered:

Absolutely. Do you know law schools teach separation of Church and state as if it were an absolute actual factual phrase or law in the constitution ? They teach this based on a false popular notion that the 1st ammendment is intended to keep Godly influence out of government. . God bless.

Claudia Said:

Shouldn't all history teachers at the college level know the Constitution before teaching students?

We Answered:

The 16th amendment had to do with the income tax you idiots!

Our schools absolutely suck. Put some competition in there and you'll see some better results.

Samuel Said:

What are some good projects to teach The Constitution to 8th Graders?

We Answered:

You should do a mock congressional hearing. You have them write a 5 paragraph essay about amendments or something and on the day of the hearing they have to read their essay and answer questions about it. It's really fun. Just put them into groups. Teamwork is always fun. :)

Wesley Said:

Are public schools still teaching about the Constitution?

We Answered:

If they are, then they're doing a crappy job of it. I think that even teenagers recognize how ignorant they are about how our government works.

Limiting the role of the federal government is a novel idea for many young folks, so I doubt if it's being taught.

But to be fair, my parents didn't depend on our school system to teach me about our government. They taught me themselves. Starting when I was very young they explained how elections worked, who was president, and what the differences were between different factions of government. They weren't going to depend on the government to educate me. They did it themselves.

Leslie Said:

What are some good activities/projects for teaching The Constitution to 8th Graders?

We Answered:

In my social studies class, we're learning about the Constitution too, and my teacher made my class memorize the whole Constitution & if we recite it perfectly we get extra credit points.

Joann Said:

Is it true that people teaching the US Constitution are now being regarded as "engaging in terrorist activity"

We Answered:

well, the simple fact that I can be declared a terrorist or a terrorist suspect and kept in detention without a lawyer, knowledge of what I am accused of and without a release date is a clear example of how our bill of rights is gone.

'you dont need to worry if you aren't a terrorist' and how do I go about proving that when I don't what or why they would label me as such?

Due Process was inserted into the constitution, along with the search and seizure laws, to protect citizens from a corrupt government.....this also pertains to 'boogey men' created by governments to instill these arcane laws.

If Due Process is not guaranteed for EVERYONE in the United States, we are all subjecting ourselves to being harmed by its removal.

Why should any citizen be confined without representation and without clear knowledge of the charges against them?

Ryan Said:

Is there any video of President Obama teaching his courses on the Constitution?

We Answered:

Students didn't know Obama was to become President, therefore no reason to video his teaching. That is not the norm. If Obama taught "while" President, that would even be more difficult for a student to get that type of equipment past the Men in Black, so no, not likely anything is that well documented.

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