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Teaching The Holocaust

Bill Said:

Did the UK really remove teaching of the Holocaust from the school curriculum?

We Answered:

its not true in mainstream schools , but there are muslim schools and who knows what goes on there

although its probably just a matter of time before they do ban it in mainstream schools if anything offends a muslim we gotta stop doing it

its ok for them to go about in there traditional clothes , but watch out if you want to wear a cross or other christian symbol , i am not religious myself but theres gotta be a balance in life

at the moment its all one sided , the immigrants side

all the best

Betty Said:

Is it true that teaching about the holocaust was banned in the UK due to complaints from Muslims?

We Answered:

Schools do not have an option of dropping the Holocaust. It is a compulsory part of the History National Curriculum.…

The story that it is being dropped is just an urban myth.
Here's the Snopes entry for it.…

History teacher in the UK

Juan Said:

Teaching the Holocaust to children in Gaza?

We Answered:

they live it everyday by same people who have suffered from it, so it'll be ironic to teach them about it.

Frances Said:

Why did schools in Britain stop teaching about the holocaust?

We Answered:

i havnt heard about this. what i dont get is why we, for GCSE have to learn about amercan politics from 1920 to 1900? wouldn't it be better to learn about british politics?

Sherri Said:

Teachers not teaching The Holocaust Because It might upset Iran's who dint believe in it?

We Answered:

I think it's stupid to NOT teach factual historical information to students in the country where this horrible atrocity occurred. There's nothing stopping Iranian students from refusing to believe in facts, just as there is nothing stopping Christian students from refusing to believe evolution.

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