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Nathaniel Said:

Are there any universities in the UK allowing for PhD in linguistics carrying most of the work off-campus?

We Answered:

Yuo need to find a university which does a PhD by research rather than by study. I know of some one who went to Cambridge and went back to South Africa for several long periods. Go to and click on part time graduate studies.

Sidney Said:

What do you think of Pennsylvania University's president in this photo?

We Answered:

Education is for idiots

Terri Said:

What college/university is good to major in law and become a lawyer leading up to an international lawyer?

We Answered:

Hello Peter

it is really difficult to get admitted to the schools you listed. And, it will only be on condition that you have an undergraduate degree.

I guess you are in high school. You need to get good SAT scores and good grades and get into a good undergraduate college. For a goal of international law, your major should be a specific language, economics, or an international studies program.

Go to one of the free online services such as College Matchmaker [web address below]. Enter your SAT scores, the three majors I listed, and your geographical and other preferences [although I think you should not narrow your search by geography] and see what schools they recommend.

Keep in mid that some of the best schools for you may not be ones that you have considered, so by all means keep your mind open. For example, one of the finest undergraduate colleges in the USA is Rhodes College in Memphis. That would be an ideal school for someone with your goals. You need to consider non-obvious schools.

Sarah Said:

University Leading Economic Development project. Do you know of any?

We Answered:

Ball State University in Indiana (they offer special classes for economic development professionals, as well as advising and consultants for economic development departments/corporations)

Purdue University (through extension services)

Indiana University

University of Kentucky (look for CBER)

Obviously, I'm from the midwest. Maybe this will get you started.

Audrey Said:

What studies/internships do I have to do to be an NBA general manager/team president?

We Answered:

A couple of good years in the league and lots of cash.

Duane Said:

Should a financial Analyst be well-versed in Maths?

We Answered:

yes math is the backbone of this type of job!!!

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