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English Worksheets For High School

Wanda Said:

High school GPA Freshmen help?

We Answered:

Trust me one little worksheet will not make up your whole grade for the class.
You still have tons of tests, projects and exams to do. Exams (midterms and finals) are what really makes up your grade along with tests. Just study, Don't worry so much, all you have to do is do your best put in effort and you will get your A. As long as you have an A in all your classes by the end of the year, you will have a 4.0 GPA.

GPA is grade point average. Your final grades at the end of the year is what makes up your GPA. If you get all As in your classes, you will have 4.0. Your GPA will stay a 4.0 for all four years of high school if you continue to make all A's. However once you mess that up, lets say you get a B in one of your classes, your GPA may never be able to go back to a 4.0

Additionally; Honors and AP only boost your WEIGHTED GPA, they dont boost unweighted. The difference between the two is that unweighted GPA is grading you on a 4.0 scale (which tells you what you would get if the class wasn't an honors or AP class) and everybody else is being graded on 4.0. But Weighted GPA is grading you on a 5.0 scale in which only honors and AP students are graded on. College want to see the GPA that grade everybody equally (that is unweighted cumulative GPA)

Back on topic, trust me when I say that worksheet is no big deal it only makes up 1-2% of your grade. Exams make up 30-50% of your grade.
Good luck, also dont put to much stress it's only freshman year. You still have another three to go.

My English teacher is pretty heavy on grading too. BTW; I'm taking English honors, he assigns quite easy work but when it comes to worksheets it seems like one little mistake like not capitalizing or a spelling error will be counted as wrong. He also likes giving out essays. I took English honors freshman year and it only got easier, so dont worry it will get easier.

Jeffrey Said:

Is college harder then high school?

We Answered:

You twice mentioned that you are a poor test taker and have taken measures to overcome that handicap.You probably will be taking an SAT, ACT or both shortly.

You should work on becoming a better test taker./

I prepared the test taking tips below for a school that I was assisting and thought that it might be helpful for you.

The best way to be successful is to know your work because you have been conscientious in coming to class, paying attention, organizing your thoughts, coming to your own conclusions, doing your homework and asking questions if you do not understand something.

There are a number of techniques which you can use to prepare for examinations. Some of these techniques are a way of breaking down, organizing your thoughts and seeing the relationships, and patterns that exist within subjects and even between various subjects.

How Do I Use Critical Thinking Skills In Test Preparation And Answers
A. It is important to be able to sort words and phrases and to classify them. This is done by having categories. Items are sorted into categories identifying the defining characteristics. The skill used is called classification.

Topic to be classified: GOVERNMENTS
Each category may be ( classified) further broken up into:
How leader takes office
How laws are made
How laws are enforced
Citizen rights and responsibilities
How government services are paid for

B. Go through past exams, class notes, and your textbook and compile a list of terms that are important for your subject. Place the terms in groups that YOU feel are similar. Understand the relationship of these terms which should be the reasons(s) why you placed them in the category of your choice.

C. Many exams ask you to compare or to contrast two or more items. Sometimes they do not use this wording and ask for similarities or differences. This is particularly useful in History and English. In an English essay use the conclusion as your introduction and place and explain each similarity and difference in a separate paragraph as the body of the essay. Use the number of examples that are required in the essay. Your teacher maybe able to supply you with a form called a graphic organizer for this critical thinking skill. In doing this comparison you should have the following:

How are they similar?
How are they different?
Place the differences in categories.
What conclusion or interpretation is suggested by the significant similarities
and differences?

D. In Biology, Math and other subjects the skill Determining Parts Whole Relationship is particularly useful. You use this skill by having a whole object and listing each part, underneath each of the parts listed there should be a statement showing what would happen if that particular part was missing and then under that a statement of what is the function each part. The conclusion is the relationship between the parts and the whole.Your teacher may also have a graphic organizer for this skill.

E Another skill that is very helpful in studying for the examinations is TAPPS. This is where you study with a friend. Read a former examination question and pretend that you are explaining the problem to a sixth grade student. Say everything that comes to your mind and define all the words that are difficult or unclear.

F. For review of Math, Chemistry and Biology problems, use this outline in solving the problem.

1. Identify the TYPE of Problem

2. State the rules that apply to this type of problem



c. ________________________________


e. ________________________________

3. Then work the problem, verbalizing each rule as it applies to the step you are taking in solving the problem.

4. If it is a multiple choice question, choose the answer from the list.



Special Hints On Completing Short Answer Questions

A. Practice

B. Practice

C. Practice

D. Go over at least one past examination a week..

E. Answer all the questions.

F. Do not leave any questions unanswered.

G. Read the directions carefully. This is particularly important in Math and Science.

H. Questions are usually grouped together by topic.

I. Eliminate answers that never happened. Example: The United States used the Atomic Bomb in World War I.

J. RCT and Regents ask only the important stuff. If it is not important eliminate the choice.

K. Eliminate extreme answers. For example, if the choices include never , no one everyone, all, etc. it is probably incorrect.

L. If there are opposites then one of the opposites is probably correct. In the following example if the choices are (A) big (B) blue (C) twelve (D) small the answer probably is A or D.

M. If two answers are similar then one of the similar answers is probably correct. The choices are (A) Blue (B) Green (C) 25% (D) implied powers. The correct answer is probably A or B since they are similar based on the fact that they are both colors.

N. Watch time

Albert Said:

Was/Is it ever a problem in high school...??

We Answered:

1. I assume you mean that the paper, not necessarily the ink, is blue.

2. Writing a complete rough draft on scratch paper is a good idea; however, if you don't want to go that far, perhaps write a brief outline -- or even just a list -- to make sure that your thoughts, and therefore your answer, is ordered and neat.

3. If you go to an office supply store you will find that "White-Out" is available in several colors including blue. It may not exactly match your paper, but if you use it sparingly, your worksheet can still have a neat appearance.

Freddie Said:

I want to get into a good college after high school...?

We Answered:

Depends on what you consider good? What area of the country you are looking at? How much your teacher will weigh the worksheets and tests that come in the second half of the semester? and Nothing is ever impossible,

If good is a 4-year state school with a decent reputation than yes anything above a 2.67 is usually satisfactory.

If we assume that the classes in which you have C's have approximately 50% of the grade work left and you get all A's on the left over work, you will have B's in both those classes.

Other factors in getting into college include extra-curricular activities, ACT/SAT test scores, and could include an essay or interview.

You have at least a year before you need to worry about this, but when you apply, Apply to all the schools you can. I only applied to four (got into all of them) and have often wondered if I would have made into some others that I liked.

Cheryl Said:

How much is the starting salary for a high school english teacher in southern california?

We Answered:

They usally start off with 48k a year and can go up to 85k after 10 years. I have 2 cousins and an sister who is a teacher. Once cousin works in Long Beach District. The other works at Ocean side. And my sister works in San diego. They all start about 48k a year. My sister has been working for San diego district for 16 years and she makes about 85k a year. That's $40.86 per hour. Good money, best wish and go for it.

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