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Latitude And Longitude Worksheets

Ernest Said:

Can you help me find latitude and longitude?

We Answered:

Lake Victoria
Poopo Lake in Bolivia
Lake Titicaca
2 rivers in Bangladesh (looking it up, Jamuna & Padmar)
Denali (aka Mt McKinley)
Nxia Pan National Park, Botswana (no idea what it means, might be a dry lake bed)
Palei-Aike volcanic field, Lago Timone
Persian Gulf

Joanne Said:


We Answered:

Goto the following site, and enter your information using the decimal values

The first answer was in the Coral See, about 200 miles north of Port-Vila in the country of Vanuatu.

The second answer is in Lake Chelan National Recreation Area near Stehekin, Washington (Washington State)

Vanessa Said:

How many state boundaries are completely defined by longitude and latitude?

We Answered:

If it asks for boundaries completely defined by latitude and longitude, it means that state has no natural borders like oceans or rivers and that the boundaries run east/west and north/south only, no diagonals. The only states that have all straight boundaries are Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. Even New Mexico has a little bit of river for part of its boundaries.

Larry Said:

Where am I if i go 20 degrees south latitude and 70 degrees east longitude?

We Answered:

Your would be near Rodrigues Island, Mauritus, in the Indian Ocean.…

Chester Said:

Map reading questions?

We Answered:

A scale of 1:250,000 means that 1 inch on the map corresponds to 250,000 inches on the ground = 3.9457 miles. The map should have latitude / longitude lines on it. If it doesn't, then you can use 1 degree latitude = 69 miles (approximately). To get a more exact number, you need to know the latitude.

1 degree of longitude = 69 miles at the equator, and 0 miles at the poles.

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