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Muscular System Worksheets

Cindy Said:

fill in the blank worksheet for the cardiovascular system?

We Answered:

1) Pericardial sac, Thorax
2) Left Lung (lingula?), diaphragm
3) 3rd (3rd-ish, never exact)
4) aorta (at cusps of the aortic valve)
5) right atrium
6) atria
7) ventricles (even though every chamber has to receive blood to discharge it...)
8) endocardium (endo means inner)
9) epi- " (outer)
10) friction
11) cardiac muscle

Most of these can probably be found on wiki or in your textbook. Even though I gave you the answers, I suggest looking through them because, I may have made a mistake.

Roberto Said:

I have 4 finals tests tomorrow???AND LOTS OF HOMEWORK!!! NO TIME?

We Answered:

Be grateful that's all you have to do! Also, if you are in college, many schools say that if you have 3 or more exams in 24 hours you can ask for an alternate exam. If these exams are tomorrow it's probably too late to see if this is possible, however keep it in mind for next semester!

Sharon Said:

Help with science worksheet, super easy?

We Answered:

1) The release of a mature egg into a fallopian tube is called menstruation. - FALSE, that's ovulation; menstruation is the period or flushing out of blood
2) Labor involves strong muscular contractions of the fallopian tubes. - FALSE, labor contractions are vaginal contractions

Complete each statement
3) One important function of the ovaries is to produce _____ cells. (sex?)
-commonly called an egg, but formally an ovum

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