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Careers in Medicine

Today there are thousands of career choices available in the medical field. Healthcare is the fastest growing industry in the world, out performing all other fields. Millions of jobs are forecast to be added by the year 2016 with numbers still increasing afterwards. Medical careers are in high demand due to shortages throughout the field, due in part to baby boomers who are now reaching retirement age.

All medical fields require a diploma or degree from an accredited educational facility, and some require bachelors and masters degrees in order for these professionals to enter into specialties within their fields. The majority of these educational facilities have some kind of funding program in place to assist the students through their education. Often it is in the form of scholarships, loans, grants, and student aid. People who work in medical careers usually work a forty hour week, although it is usually on shift, or over weekends and during holidays. They work in clean environments, although are often exposed to hazardous chemicals, diseases, and wastes, so sometimes protective clothing is required.

Medical careers can be found in hospitals, heath clinics, long-term care facilities, laboratories, nursing homes, physician's offices, and many other private or commercial institutions or businesses. Today, nurses make up the largest workforce in the medical field and they are in great demand, followed by physicians and surgeons, medical assistants and allied health workers, medical office administration and support jobs, and home and hospice careers.

People who have medical careers need to be organized, enjoy working with people, have good communication skills oral and written, need to have compassion, need to be able to work with all cultural and ethnic groups, need to have great time management skills, need to be able to take instruction or work on their own, need to have leadership abilities, need to be able to work as part of a team, and need to have a background in mathematics and sciences.

People who work in medical careers do so because they want to help people, have a great chance at career advancement, want to have competitive earning potential, want to have global impact and want to experience a career that is both exciting and rewarding.

    Medical Assistant Careers

    Medical assistants are the backbone of all medical and physician's offices. They are the certified healthcare workers who do the entire administrative and clinical task to keep the medical offices running smoothly. Education to become a medical assistant usually takes place in vocational schools, community colleges, technical institutions, and other accredited educational facilities, as well as through distant education, continuing education, and online learning over the internet. The majority of these educational facilities have some kind of student funding available to assist the students with tuitions, books, and cost of living, as they make their way to...

    Medical Billing Careers

    Medical Billing careers involved receive their training through vocational schools or career training centers in as few as nine months. Formal accredited school programs can take up to two years and may also offer career placement as part of their training program. Most medical billing training programs include the following courses: medical terminology, anatomy, form completion, and industrial medical procedure coding. Most of these educational facilities offer funding to assist the student with their training through student aid, loans, or grants. Medical billing professionals work in various healthcare settings and offices, but can also work from home...

    Medical Career Salary

    Today, the healthcare industry is one of the leading employers in the world. The healthcare industry is growing rapidly which is creating great shortages in most medical career fields. The other fact adding to this shortage is the growing number of baby boomers who are approaching the golden age where they require more healthcare services. Unlike other careers, many of the healthcare and medical careers do not require a four-year degree; therefore, it is easier to gain the education you need. Many of today's accredited educational facilities are offering flexi-programs, which allow student to attend full-time, part-time, evenings,...

    Medical Career School

    Today, medical careers are amongst the fastest growing careers on the planet. With the aging baby boomers retired or approaching retirement, some of them currently in the medical career themselves; the shortage of medical professionals is at an all time high. Because more and more people are aware of how the body works and what affects their health, more and more people are seeking out medical information and preventative medical therapies from medical professionals, alternative health professionals, and natural therapist. This has left openings in all fields that need career professionals. One of the medical careers experiencing...

    Medical Careers Online

    Today the increase demand for medical professionals is creating all types of online medical training options. As the baby boomers move into their old age, more and more medical careers are becoming available, as professionals are in short supply, both due to shortages and professionals who themselves are baby boomers and looking to retire. This is creating huge needs in all fields and in order to meet the growing needs many educational facilities are offering the course materials needed to meet the requirements of various medical careers online over the internet. The beauty of being able to take the...

    Medical Coding Careers

    Medical coders are found in the billing office, or back office, of many hospitals and medical practices or clinics. These medical coders assist with completing, reviewing and processing medical claims so that doctors and hospitals get reimbursed for the services they provide to patients from the insurance companies. Every medical procedure is assigned a number or code, called a CPT, with is associated with a diagnostic code, called an ICD. This assists all the insurance companies with keeping track of how much money is owed to the doctors and clinical practices for treating patients. This also...

    Medical Field Careers

    Today more than ever, medical careers and the professionals needed are in high demand. With the growing population of baby boomers entering into their golden years more and more medical professionals are being required to treat them, which in turn, has caused a shortage in almost every segment of the healthcare industry. In most fields, when a professional retires, it is hard to find a qualified practitioner to take their place, leaving many people today without doctors and caregivers, and many facilities with shortages in their staff. No matter which medical field you plan to enter, you will require...

    Medical Transcription Career

    Medical transcription, also referred to as MT, in most healthcare fields fall under allied health and generally deal with transcribing voice recordings by doctors and other medical professionals into text format. Transcription has been used for year in offices and today is still heavily used in the medical setting. As a rule this is how healthcare professionals keep pertinent and confidential patient information up to date, printed and placed in the patient's files or medical records. These chores are performed by medical transcription by MT's working as onsite or offsite, under contract to hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices,...

    Top Medical Careers

    Shortages, that is the word heard most often in the healthcare field. People are always talking about not having a doctor and not being able to get quick medical treatments, which would lead one to believe that doctors are the top medical careers of today, but that just is not true. All healthcare fields today have shortages due to the aging population of baby boomers. In fact, many of today's medical professionals are themselves reaching that age and creating additional positions that need to be filled. But the big surprise of today is that it is not...